What is the Ethernet and What are Ethernet Types?

What is the Ethernet and What are Ethernet Types

Guys, do you know what is the Ethernet and its variants? So, guys, we will discuss this today. But before that, we know some important things. The Internet has been in our world for many years and has come with different technologies. One of them is Ethernet technology. However, you may not know that wherever the Internet is, there is also Ethernet. Whenever there is a discussion about this network, you will know about the LAN local area network. You must have heard about the name of Ethernet, so guys, let’s learn something new, what is the Ethernet and how does Ethernet work. What is Computer Full Form?

What is the Ethernet (What is the Ethernet in English)

What is the Ethernet and What are Ethernet Types
What is the Ethernet and What are Ethernet Types

Ethernet is borrowed as “Ether Net”. This is a local area network technology. With this technology, computers and network devices connect to each other and share information. Extra as in the office, university, school. “Ethernet” is the data link level protocol of the TCP / IP stack. With the help of this Ethernet technology, several computers on the LAN can share information with each other. This protocol means Ethernet work, in which the data will be transmitted. As such, they can access information from a good LAN to another computer without any errors. What is Computer Definition?

Communicates information between network devices on the Ethernet LAN. To illustrate this in a good way, take an example. Your computer lab. Where the Ethernet cable means that all computers are connected with curved cabling. However, you still have the information on your computer, that technology is called Ethernet. Also known as the Ethernet protocol. By the way, you will know that there are 7 layers of the OSI network model where “Ethernet” works on both the data link level and the “physical level”. What is ROM and How It Works

The Ethernet data transmission uses two types of first frames and second packets of units (since it has tolls in its execution of packets; the frame not only takes the payload but also takes the address of the Mac. The MAC address is the address of the computer since you can obtain the address of the sending and receiving computers. What is RAM

History of the Ethernet

Initially, Ethernet was called Alto Aloha Network. The company that created it is Xerox PARC. This is the first network that Robert Metcalf developed in 1973 to meet other people, using CSMA / CD (Multiple Access Detection Carrier / Coalition Detection) technologies. Ethernet has since been a fast and reliable network that is still available everywhere. During the 1980s, it was used in all corners of the world.

Ethernet was initially fed at a maximum speed of 10 megabits per second. Then, due to technological changes, it began to operate at a speed of 100 Mbps, called Fast Ethernet. 1000 Mbps later known as Gigabit Ethernet and now speeds of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Which is now the fastest at the door. Normally, the Ethernet cable will be 100 meters long, but with this cable, we can easily connect schools, colleges, and offices.

What components are necessary for an Ethernet network?

  1. Ethernet cable
  2. Ethernet hub
  3. Crossover cable
  4. Router

1. Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables can connect more than one computer. Through which information or information can be known. The same type of Ethernet cable is used in the LAN. Examples of these cables, such as torque and optical cable cables. What is Core in Processor?

2. Ethernet hub

It is a network device through which we can connect all the cables to the computer. The hub connects all the computers in a network with the ups. A hub contains many Ethernet ports. To which these cables are attached.

3. Crossover cable

We can use this cable instead of the Ethernet cable. It has the same function, to use when we connect two or more computers to Apasa. Latest Processors 2020 

4. Router

Whenever we talk about a WiFi network, you must have heard its name. This Saturday must be heard. The router is also a network device through which the computer can access data received from the network. And the computer data goes to other reds. The root of this device determines the path. For now, you know what Ethernet is. Now you know what son and how they are son.

The Ethernet Network Types

1. Ethernet

You have learned that Ethernet is a LAN technology. A standard Ethernet network operates at 10 megabits per second. The performance of this technology is quite good, as it offers cheap and high-speed data transmission. We can easily install it. It is the universal LAN technology of all computers in the world. 10BASE-T is an example of this Ethernet technology. It is compatible with all protocols, so this is special. What is SMPS in Computer?

The Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineering has developed an Ethernet Standard (Standard) called the IEEE 802.3 Standard. This standard has some rules configured so that all Ethernet networks can be easily configured. With this rule, all the components of this network can communicate with each other. And it could communicate.

2. Fast Ethernet

Gradually, the following Ethernet standard emerged. Is the Ethernet standard called IEEE 802.3u? It has almost 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Some tweets were made through the Ethernet cable and the Ethernet was created quickly. Fast Ethernet performance is very good in terms of “video, multimedia, graphics, internet”. Use the error detection and correction method.

However, there are 3 types of Fast Ethernet: 100 BSESE-X with UTP cable (unresolved twisted pair) level 5. It is used with 100BASE-FX fiber optic cables. 100BASE-T4 that uses 2 extras. Used with Level 3 UTP. 100BASE-TX, which is a very popular favorite Ethernet standard.

If you want to configure 100BASE-T by switching to the existing 10BASE-T Ethernet. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate some problems. Choose how many users you have and what hardware you need. Now, as we talk more, Gigabit Ethernet is the next technology. Which promises to provide better data speeds than Fast Ethernet. So let’s discover this. How does Computer Works?

3. Gigabit Ethernet

A fast-moving network was needed to use multimedia and voice over IP (VoIP). Gigabit Ethernet was created to achieve this speed. These are examples of “Ethernet over copper” 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX and GigE. It is defined in the IEEE 802.3z standard. At Phil Hall, it acts as a reading key for the entire company. It is 10 times faster than 100 base-t.

We can put 10 and 100 Mbps Mozuda cards in Gigabyte Ethernet. This allows us to interconnect switches, routers, and servers and perform operations. If we can see from the top layer of the data link level, Gigabit will look like another Ethernet. And its implementation is the same. The important difference between both Ethernet is that it is fast and Gigabit is correct. Gigabit Ethernet supports full-duplex and the data rate is also quite good. What are the types of ROM?

4. 10 Gigabit Ethernet

10 Gigabit Ethernet is the fastest and most modern Ethernet standard. It comes in the IEEE 802.3ae version. Speaking of its data transfer speed, it works at 10 Gbps. This is 10 times faster than the previous Gigabit Ethernet.

Unlike other Ethernet, it works perfectly on a fiber optic cable connection. This is completely different from the standard LAN design because it transmits data across all nodes. It has not yet received commercial-grade approval. Because it is completely new. And anyway, its media type is given in the table below.

How the Ethernet works

If you have some computer knowledge, you can easily understand it. But we can understand it in simple terms. As you know, Ethernet is a LAN technology. In which the data travels in “packet and frame” units. It was also explained previously that it uses the CSMA / CD (multiple access collision sensitivity/collision detection) mechanisms.

Every time a computer on an Ethernet network sends a packet (data) to another computer using CSMA / CD. Then it refers to the original cable (do you know if the original cable already has a package?) If there is no package in the cable, the Ethernet package sends it to the original cable. (The original cable is one to which all computers are connected) All devices on the network or computer are connected to the destination address of that package. Let’s check AND get the package with which you get the address.

If the original cable is connected, that computer waits for 1000 to 1 seconds, and every time the original cable is free, it sends it back to the package. A CD means that if there is a conflict on the network with the help of Coalition detection. Then it detects it and displays it and tells the other device. Now you know what Ethernet is and how it works. However, few now know about the Ethernet cable.

The Ethernet cable types

However, here, the type of cable and the maximum data transmission speed, the maximum bandwidth, per Ethernet cable, per category, are given in the table below. With it, you can easily understand everything.

Cable TypeMaximum Data Transmission SpeedMaximum Bandwidth
CategoryUTP10 Mbps16 MHz
CategoryUTP10/100 Mbps100 MHz
CategoryUTP1000 Mbps100 MHz
CategoryUTP or STP1000 Mbps250 MHz
CategorySTP10,000 Mbps500 MHz
CategorySSTP10,000Mbps600 MHz

Advantages and Disadvantages

Ethernet has many benefits for its users, which is why it has become so popular. But there are also some disadvantages.


  • Relatively low cost.
  • Noise resistant.
  • Good quality of data transfer.
  • Speed.
  • Reliability and data protection: general firewalls can be used.

Even with the disadvantages

  • It is intended for short and short distance networks.
  • Moving is limited.
  • Using longer cables can create crosstalk.
  • Increasing traffic reduces the speed of Ethernet.
  • Receipts do not accept receipt of data packets.
  • When troubleshooting, it is difficult to identify a specific cable or node as the cause of the problem.

Conclusion about what is the Ethernet

So, guys, today’s information is very important, If you are a student. Because this question arises on the computer network, what is the Ethernet and how many there are. One new thing is that if you buy a new computer, you can also connect the Ethernet cable. Where there is a LAN in the world, there is also Ethernet. How does ROM work?

If this article about what is the Ethernet and what are Ethernet types was helpful for you, please share and comment. Thank You!


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