What is PHP Function and How to Learn PHP (PHP Full Form)

What is PHP Function (PHP Full Form)

What is PHP Function: In today’s article, we are going to talk about what is PHP function and how to learn PHP. You must be thinking that you also have a website. Today, thousands of websites are created every day. What is Java Programming

People use the website to grow their business or make big money with their own blog or website. He has so much income that you never dream of. But do you know how easy it is to create a website and how to build it? You must have seen some websites like Facebook, some popular sites. Flipkart, Instagram, Amazon, they have also used PHP. What is Network

However, there are many languages from which a website is created. One of them is the PHP language, from which a site like Facebook is created. What is Ethernet

What is PHP Full Form?

PHP full form is Hypertext Preprocessor (At first it is called Personal Home Page)

What is PHP Function?

What is PHP Function
What is PHP Function and How to Learn PHP (PHP Full Form)

It is the only open-source scripting language in the world. You can also call it a scripting language. It is used in any website design. This is a server-side script programming language. Because it is implemented on the language server. It has C ++ and Java written as code. The code or program runs inside the computer. It must be said that the PHP language is used in the creation of websites. That is why it is also called a web-based programming language.

You can use this language for free. PHP is a powerful language to run a blogging platform. You must have heard the name of WordPress, which is made of this language. The word press platform operates the largest websites in the world.

What Does PHP Function Mean and Where is It Used?

You must know how powerful it is because this language has designed the most open website in the world. By whose name you know best about “FACEBOOK.COM“. PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a server-side scripting programming language. This is an open-source general-purpose programming language Pur This language is used for web development. PHP is used by embedding HTML, which can add some new features.

The specialty of this language is used to design a “dynamic website” when a user submits a request from their browser to the PHP website, which contains this code. This PHP code is the process inside the PHP module installed on the webserver. PHP generates preprocessor HTML output. What you can see in your web browser.

Programming Language

The programming language is also a language since we and you speak. However, the language understands or can speak, the language through which it can communicate with the computer, is the same computer programming language. These programming languages are used to create software or websites within the computer. Basic, C, C ++, Java, Cobble, Fortran, PHP, HTML are the programming languages. Programs are created from these languages.

General Purpose Programming Language

From a computer software point of view, the general-purpose programming language is used to create different types of software. Different languages require different languages. The paid domain here means that if you want to create calculator software for a computer, you will use Java or C ++, but if you want to build a website, you will use PHP or HTML language. That is why these languages are called domain-specific languages.

Scripting Language

This is a section of the programming language. Some languages are compiled first but only run. However, you can run this scripting language without compiling. The script contains programs or many instructions that are run in a web browser or web server. PHP, Perl, Python ting all scripting languages.

Static Web Page

You must understand by name that this is the page where all the pages are located. That a normal user cannot change. These static web pages are the same for all new and old users. Which you cannot change. Every time you open a website, you should see that its content never changes. These pages look the same to everyone. But there are some sites like Facebook.com whose page content is always changing and there are different web pages for different users.

Here are some examples of some static web pages. About us Ex page and contact page whose content never changes. Hopefully, you will now find that the static page is easier to understand. Now get to know the dynamic webpage, with which you can understand PHP very well.

Dynamic Web Page

If you understand a static web page, you can easily understand it. Because the content of a dynamic web page is always changing. Every user here means that the page you open will mean something else to me. Just like when I log into FB, my page will be completely different from your FB page.

Dynamic means variable or variable, which changes the page frequently. Similarly, take an example, the pages on the shopping site are also changing for each user. Because if you are definitely looking for something, I can open the page to buy more. Both are very good examples of dynamic web pages. If you want your website to be your favorite design then you need to teach PHP, let’s talk about it now.

How and Where to Learn PHP Function

Students and entrepreneurs want to create their own website. But he doesn’t learn because of the colleague’s knowledge. However, many web developers will be available on the internet, but they will also make some money for this, at least 30,000 to 200,000. If you want to build a website for others and earn some money, then teaching PHP is good for you.

Minimum Qualification to Learn Web Designing

However, learning is very easy. But if your question is that you need to learn something in advance, the answer is almost no. All you have to do is follow the PHP documentation https://secure.php.net/docs.php. If you want to learn from everywhere, you should have a little bit of knowledge about HTML, Javascript, My SQL and CSS.

Now I want to share some PHP learning websites. Where you learn PHP very easily.






History of the PHP Language

PHP is a web-based programming language created by Rasmus Lairdorff in the fifth. He is the author of a program called Common Gateway Interface (CGI). C programming was used to write this. Through this program, she has created her own personal home pag. So the name of this language became the cause, that name was also known as Personal Homepage / Form Interpreter or PHP / IF.

This language was used to design a dynamic web page. Improving this language later. A tool called Home Page Tool 1.0 was created. Several new features have been added in 20 years. PHP HTML was embedded and this PHP slowly began to be used to build the world’s largest websites. This was the story of the small PHP. What is SMPS in Computer?

Features of PHP Function LANGUAGE

  • However, there are many features, but few will talk about it.
  • With this PHP you can create, open, read and write files in a systematic way.
  • With PHP we can handle the forms that you complete online, such as extracting data from a file, storing the data in a file, transmitting data from an email to anyone.
  • Modify, delete, edit the content of the database in PHP.
  • You can restrict some pages through this language.
  • This is my final opinion on this article.

My Opinion About What is PHP Function

My opinion is if you want to build your own website and become a web developer. So you need to know what PHP is and how to learn PHP. If you spend full time learning PHP, you can easily learn in 30 to 45 days. If you are a student and want to pursue a career in web design, this article was for you.

I hope you liked this article, (what is PHP function) how do you like it? If you have any questions at this time, please enter them in the comment box below. If you have any other suggestions please say so we can try something new for you.


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