What is Open Source Software and Its benefits

Do you know what is open source software and the advantages of open source software ? Don’t worry in this post I will explain what is open source software and its benefits.

When it comes to downloading software, we are almost always looking for the most effective free software on the Internet. By doing this, we have many miles of free software, but did you know that most of these free programs contain open source software, which allows us to download them easily?

Now you must wonder why someone would give your software for free download, why don’t they pay for it, etc. If you also have this question then you should read this article about open source software and how it works. Here you will find a lot of information about open source software.

However, these open source software are usually free software that you can use in your work. Open source developers knowingly create them, where they make their source code publicly available, so that others can benefit from it.

They publish it with open source licenses, which means other developers can see your code and add something to it.

If you want to know more about open source software, you should read this article in its entirety. I hope that in the end, you get a lot of knowledge. So, let’s get started without delay.

What is open source software

What is Open Source Software
What is Open Source Software & advantages of open source software

Open source software is source code software that anyone can inspect, modify and improve.

“Source code” is software that most computer users never see; This code can change the way computer programmers work to change software – a “program” or “application” – programmers who have access to the source code of computer programs add functions or fix parts that do not always work correctly.

Open source software (OSS) is software whose source code is fully visible and modifiable by the public. In this way, it is exposed. At the same time, when the source code is not publicly visible and immutable, this national software is called closed or proprietary software. What Is A Supercomputer

Source code is the on-screen programming part of the software that users cannot normally see. In the source code, all these instructions and instructions are the design of how the software works and how all the features of the software work. Access to source code is for developers only.

Who is the father of open source software?

Richard Stallman is said to be the father of open source or free software. Because in 1984 he created the first free software.

This free software can be easily modified and modified according to user preferences. Users are free to modify, modify and even share their source code. But all of these things are done only under a license agreement for a particular user or organization.

Open Source Software List

Here you will find a list of all the popular open source operating systems as well as examples of full open source software.

Mozilla FirefoxphpMyAdmin

Characteristics of open source software

There are some features of this free software that is very important to know.

Delivery can be done freely. Its source code is fully accessible, provided the source code can be modified and these changes can be distributed to others. How to choose a Motherboard

Most of these open source programs are developed by the support community and the development strategies adopted by them. At the same time, they help improve the quality of the software and active participation in the community is encouraged.

Companies that used to promote proprietary software are now embracing this open source software because of its many features.

Meaning of open source software

Open source software (OSS) is software that is distributed with source code that any user can read or modify.

The OSS community generally accepts open source software that meets the following criteria:

  • This program can be freely distributed.
  • Anyone should be able to change their source code.
  • Modified versions of the source code must also be redistributed.
  • An open source software license should not interfere with the management of any other software.

When traditional interactive software is distributed in a compiled format without change, open source software is distributed in both compiled and non-compiled formats, making it available for open source modification.

At the same time, under a traditional licensed software license, this right is reserved only for copyright holders.

How does open source software work?

The biggest difference is that, in general, you don’t have to pay for it. While there are some differences, users who are indeed co-developers with this open source software are also suggesting new ways to improve them and fix bugs.

This means that if you want you can modify it as needed, you can port it to another new operating system and share it with others.

Difference of open source software and other software?

In some programs, only certain people, groups or companies that generate the source code only have control over them, and also retain exclusive control, they can modify them.

Only the original developers of this proprietary software may legally copy, inspect, and modify this software. To use this proprietary software, computer users must agree to its rules and regulations (it is visible to you the first time you install the software), allowing only users to treat it as a software manufacturer. For example, proprietary software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.

Open source software is very different. Its authors make its source code available to everyone so that anyone can see it, copy it and modify it on their own. For example, LibreOffice and the GNU image manipulation program are similar open source software.

Is this software important only for computer programmers?

The simple answer is no.

Since past innovators have used open source technology to create most of the Internet, such as the Linux operating system and Apache web server application, any user using the Internet should use this open source software. This has been for your benefit.

They connect to computers on a global network, and They unknowingly correct it but using open source software to get it on their “native” device and send the data path.

It follows that programmers not only use open source software, but they all use it. They are all around us, and we are unknowingly using them as well.

What are the licenses of open source software?

Although these open source projects use many licenses, it depends on who the developers choose for their programs.

GPL or GNU (General Public License) is most commonly used in many open source projects like Linux. In GPL terms, with the open source definition set out above, it is clearly specified that if someone changes an open source program and submits a derivative work, they must also distribute the source code.

This needs to be understood in simple terms if someone accepts an open source code and prepares a closed source program to use it, then their community will also have to come back after the release of the modified version. Otherwise, you might not be punished for it.

At the same time, there are more licenses, like BSD licenses, which place some restrictions on developers. If a program is under a BSD license, you can use the source code of any open source program and develop your own software. It is not necessary to launch this modified version. Developers like this license because it gives them great discounts.

Why do people prefer using open source software?

Most people prefer open source software over proprietary software because there are several reasons why we want to know:


People have more control over this open source software than proprietary software. Here, they can test the codes themselves, they can make the changes they need. Non-programmers can use them alone.


Others who say they like it may be better programmers. Since their source codes are publicly accessible, students can easily read and learn a lot from them and create better software.

At the same time, students can also share their changing work with others so that they can get to know their point of view and improve their development skills.


Some people like this software because they think it is more secure than proprietary software. In this, from time to time updates occur where your errors are reported correctly. Then they like it more.


Most clients want to utilize this product for their significant long-term. This is because they do not have to worry about the source code of their software.

Because in the case of proprietary software, if the original creator ever stops working, this could cause them a lot of trouble in the future. Open source software works in addition and in accordance with open standards.

Does open source simply mean free of charge?

The answer is no. This is a very common “open source” mistake, here it’s not just about money.

Open source software developers can exchange money for these open source software that they have created or contributed.

But in most cases, to get an open source license, they have to leave the source code in many places when they think of selling it. At the same time, some programmers feel that they can earn more money with their software services and support, not just with the software. That is why they often publish their software while helping people solve their problems.

Benefits of open source software

Here are the benefits of open source software.

OSS allows programmers to collaborate together so they can improve the software. For which they correct errors in the code (correction of errors), as well as update the software so that it can work in newer technologies. In addition to these, they help develop new features in it.

With this group’s collaborative approach, new features are very fast for these open source projects and are released very frequently.

This software is more stable so that more programmers can find its flaws and its security updates can be implemented better than other proprietary software programs.

OSS is often free. But in some cases, you will also have to pay for these software programs for an additional cost, technical support, and some services.

Advantages of open source software

Here are the benefits of open source software.

1. They’re usually free: This open source software is estimated to collectively save businesses worth around $ 60 billion a year. Currently, you can easily find an open source version of each proprietary software system in place.

2. They are constantly evolving in real-time because developers add a lot of fixes to it, which means it is of better quality and more secure, making it less likely to have bugs.

3. Using this open source software also means that you are not limited to using a specific vendor system that works only on your own device.

4. You can modify and adapt this software to your needs, which may not be possible with proprietary systems.

Disadvantages of open source software

Here are the Disadvantages of Open Source Software.

1. Since there is no need to create commercial products that can make money, open source software is developed more according to the needs of users.

2. This is because they are so “easy to use” because their user interface is not too important.

3. They often have no support. So if there is a problem you should trust your forums and community to solve it. Which can be a little irritating.

4. Although most of these open source software are free on their own, there are some indirect costs involved, such as paying for external assistance. Fastest Supercomputer In World

5. Being an open system involves a lot of people, which helps a lot to find errors. At the same time, there are some people who can exploit the vulnerability of this software.


Since open source software is not very easy to use, you must have some technical knowledge to understand and use it properly. Otherwise, you may need to trust others for core functionality.

I hope you liked this article about open source software. I always intended to provide readers with complete information on the list of open source software.

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