What is Network in Computer & How Many Types of Network

What is Network in Computer and Types of Network

What is Network: Do you know what is Network in Computer and what are the types of networks? And what is the history of the network? Many years ago, when people talked and texted, people still had the same purpose. However, this task in this thread has never been easier.

People take a long time to send information to another location. People are tired of spending too much time on it, many times they cannot get information as if they had a question, what does this information mean? It can be something like a message, a text. Photos, documents, songs, and videos.

So now I will give you complete information on what is computer network and types of networkWhat is Computer Full Form?

What is Network in Computer

What is Network in Computer
What is Network in Computer & How Many Types of Network

A network of two or more joined computers. You can add them to Wire or Wireless to share the data. Speaking of cable medium, it can be twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, and any fiber optic cable. Speaking of the wireless medium, it will be one of the radio waves, Bluetooth, infrared.

A network is a collection of all computers, servers, mainframes, network devices that share data in a common way. The Internet is a great example of a network. Where people are connected to each other and share data. Network devices such as routers, hubs, switches, and modems are used on the network. The network is what I have explained above.

The nodes are spoken on every computer connected to the network. We can share data in a common way with shared resources such as the Internet, printers, file servers. Sharing resources means that when you go to the net cafe and cyber café, you must have seen that there are many computers connected to each other. We can also say network. But one or two printers live in that live cafe. Every time you print from a computer, it prints from the same printer. So, with the help of Pay Network here we are sharing a resource, a printer. This is called an exchange of resources. What are the types of ROM?

The world’s largest network is the Internet, where we share something every day. This is possible with the help of a network of applications like applications, images, videos, contacts, songs. However, everyone talks when we use our phone, the network is not eligible. This means that we are not connected to other mobile phones and towers. I had some information about what the network says in Hindi. Now we will tell you about the network criteria. What is Core in Processor?

What is Network Definition?

A network is a group of interconnected computers that can communicate with each other and share information and resources. Senders, receivers, intermediaries, and protocols are required to establish any network. Computer networks are the union of many computers in order to participate in computer equipment. With the help of computer networks, customers can participate in one place with devices, programs, messages, and information.

With these few criteria, we can know if the network has a large network. It is performance, reliability, security. Learn the details about each.

1. Performance

We can measure the performance very well. These include transit time and other response times. At the same time, a message is transmitted from one device to another using what is called transmission time. Response time is the time it takes to respond to a request. Just like you did some Google searches and the time it takes to get results is the response time.

The performance also depends on a few other factors. What are the users, transmission media, hardware, and software? Incidentally, two network metrics are used to detect performance and performance lag. We want more performance and less demand. Both limits are the same.

2. Reliability

It means being brave. If a network is not reliable, it can never be a good network. Reliability means the precision of delivery. It is reliable as long as the data is transmitted to the device that is transmitting without link failure. After the link failure, the restored time from the back is reliable.

3. Protection

We can safely protect data from unauthorized access. Avoid data loss. Security is the implementation of a policy to protect lost data. If it is stolen from a data network, it will not tell us that the data is secure. Having network security is very important.

History of Network ((What is Network)

The network we are talking about now, which started many years ago between 1960 and 1970, is the name of the network where we call the Network of Advanced Research Project Agencies. The purpose of the Suruvat network was to connect remote work access terminals and stations to the central unit. However, at the time, ArpNet had a basic idea of ​​having a concept for sharing resources.

Arpanet was quite reliable at that gate because it uses packet-switched technology instead of circuit-switched. Arpanet was also used to disperse the threat from Guinea at the United States Defense Office. To connect you to various universities in the United States. Industrialists also started using it. Little by little, it continued to develop. Today it has become the largest network in the world in which we talk about the Internet. What is SMPS in Computer?

Network Device (How Network Works)

If there is a network, all the devices within it are connected, the data must be connected, the data is passed through different computers. Connection of two networks and LAN through computers. For all this, we need some network devices like HUB, Repeater, Switch, Router, Modem, Bridge. Discover them from the bed.


What is the center? These are basic network devices. This device works on a physical level. This is why you physically connect network devices to them. The network used to bend curved cables is the device used. It works to forward a packet to other devices without any changes. All of these devices transmit without being transmitted, whether for a “packet data” device or not. There are two types of hubs: active hubs and passive HBs.


What is the switch? This device also works on a physical level like the hub. This device is smarter than the hub. HEB simply forwards the data packet but filters it with switch forwarding. So it is called intelligence.

When the switch receives the data packet. Then filter and find the address. And the packet forwards that device. Therefore, the switch maintains the CAM (Addressable Content Memory) table. Goes to the address of the device. The forwarding table also talks to CAM


What is a modem? Everyone uses it in today’s Internet world. Every time you use the Internet at home, data only reach our computers from outside the world. But our digital computer itself understands the data as binary 0 and 1 and the data on the cables and takes the form of an analog signal.

Modem and demodulator itself, modem. I can explain with an example, the data on your computer in digital form. We need to pass this DTA cable to another computer. For this, we need to convert digital data to analog. This moderator does this. When transmitting from an analog data cable to a computer, you must convert this analog data to digital. The demodulator does this. It is used on telephone lines.


What is a router? By its name, you should know that it is relevant to the route. The function of this device is to control routes and traffic between the two networks. Connect the two networks to your wireless medium. This device operates at the network level of the OSI model. Today, wireless routers are more commonly used. Determine the direction of the data as the traffic police act.

The Bridge

What is a bridge? As the router connects two separate networks, the bridge connects the two subnets. That it comes from the same network. Let’s take an example. You can only connect two computer labs and two floors across the bridge.


What is a repeater? This is an electronic device. What helps to increase the intensity of the signal. It could also be said that it is an electronic device that receives the signal and transmits it to the beam. Avoid losing the repeater signal. Due to this, data can be accessed remotely without losing it.

If a university hostel is far from the university. College students want to provide a wired Internet connection to hostels and universities. Because the distance is too high, the data does not reach the recipient correctly and is lost. For the ATA, a repeater must be installed between the hostel and the university that is installed. Limitations Each cable remains within the data transmission distance. At this point, you should already know the networks in Hindi. What are networks and network devices? Now you can know the network types.

Types of Network (What is Network in Computer)

However, there are many types of computer networks. They are divided according to their size, geographic area, and how many computers a network can have. Starting in a small house, a network can connect computers around the world. So, let’s discover the types of networks.

There are 3 types of networks in AMATOR LAN, MAN, and WAN. After leaving these, other things like PAN, HAN.

1. Personal Area Network (What is PAN)

This network is also called PAN. It is a small network that has its limitations indoors. For example, a building has one or more computers on the tray. With this, phones, video games, and some other devices are connected.

2. Home Area Network (What is HAN)

If some people in the same residence use the same network, we can call it a local area network. Also called HAN. You have an internet connection with WRE as needed. That corresponds to a modem. This modem provides wired and wireless connectivity as long as you can do all of this on the network. WIFI is the local area network.

  1. You can print the document sitting in any corner of the room.
  2. You can upload and download photos.
  3. In addition to sharing videos online, you can also stream videos.
  4. There is no significant difference between Pan and Han.

3. Local Area Network (What is LAN)

Local area network means LAN. You will find this network as an office, university, school, business organization. LAN is used for resource sharing, data storage, document printing. It does not require any hardware to create, only hubs, switches, network adapters, routers, and Ethernet cables are required.

The smallest LAN can be built with just two computers. In the LAN we can connect up to 1000 computers. Most LANs are used for wired connections. But today it is also used wirelessly. The specialty of this network is its speed, low cost, and security. The ethernet cable is used in it.

What happens when this network shares specialized documents to share documents in an office? A central server is where all the files are kept. No employee can access the file without going there. If someone needs to print, they can print using a central printer. This is the benefit of LAN. This is called an exchange of resources.

If a local area network is wireless, it is called a wireless LAN.


  • It is restricted to a small geographic area.
  • A house is used in offices and schools.
  • Its ownership is public and private.
  • This network can be easily created.
  • The data transmission speed in this network is high.

4. What is the Metropolitan Area Network (What is MAN)

You can call the Metropolitan Area Network or MAN. It is a network that connects all cities. This network connects all the networks of a city to a large university, school, government office. MAN is a larger network than LAN. The man covers from 10 km to 100 km. It is used to build a large network by connecting all the LANs together.

If these national networks start to be used on a university campus, they call it the Campus Area Network. The best example of this is cable television networks. Man is used to connecting LAN to LAN. A great commercial company becomes its own MAN. Through which you can connect its various branches.


  • It is restricted to a large geographic area like a city, town.
  • Its ownership is public and private.
  • It costs more to install this network than LAN.
  • The data transmission speed is moderate

5. Wide Area Network (What is WAN)

The wide area network is the network that comes after LAN and MAN. However, it is the largest network connecting computers worldwide. It’s called WAN. The wide area network is called LAN. The characteristic of this network is that it has a low data rate, but it covers more distances. The Internet is the best example of a wide area network. Latest Processors 2020 

There are two types of WAN: 1. Enterprise WAN and 2. Global WAN. Computers connected to wide area networks mainly use public networks such as telephone lines, leased lines, and satellites. The largest WAN is the Internet.

However, they all have wide area networks. Such as public packet networks, large corporate networks, military networks, banking networks, rail reservation networks, and finally airline reservation networks.

Network service providers have spoken to network service providers through WAN. These are called the core of the Internet. WAN is called the most expensive network. Because some of these technologies are used. Such as sonnet, frame relay, and ATM. How does ROM work?


  • Larger geographic regions can connect to this network
  • It is owned by the public and private.
  • This network is difficult to install and maintain.
  • Data transmission is slow.

Conclusion about What is Network in Computer

So, guys, today’s information is very important. A computer network is very important to anyone with knowledge of networks. Everywhere we are surrounded by a network. However, it will be easy for students to understand what is network in computer and types of networks. You are already connected to a network right now, so you can read my article.

I hope you like this article (what is computer network), how do you feel? If you have any questions at this time, please enter them in the comment box below. If you have any other suggestions please say so we can try something new for you. If you have not yet subscribed to our blog, of course, subscribe to get more important information. Thank You!


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