What is Antivirus Software and How Antivirus Works

Do you know what is Antivirus software and how Antivirus works? With this, you will be informed that the best antivirus for your computer and mobile phone is free and better than what you pay for. Whenever there were demons in this world, there was a god to stop them. At the same time, even today, Antivirus works like gods for computers.

There are personal data such as Image, Videos, Movies, Mp3 files and along with it some Personal Document “PDF Files, Scanned Files, Certificate” on your computer. But due to your carelessness, computer viruses enter your computer due to pen drives like the Internet and some other sources. You will know very well what happens after this. You all were made Data Store in your Computer that is all missing or Files become corrupt.

When this incident happens with you, you remember only if I installed Antivirus in my system, then I would not have to see this day. So friends, hope this incident has not happened to you so far, so today I will tell you the solution to all these problems in this article what is Antivirus. So let’s start.

What is Antivirus Software on Computer and How Antivirus Works

What is Antivirus Software and How Antivirus Works
What is Antivirus Software and How Antivirus Works

What is Antivirus?

Antivirus This is a program (code). You can also say that it is a software that detects all virus programs hidden in the computer and removes it from the computer. You can also say that it acts as a protection for the computer that protects against malware.

Antivirus protects against spyware and adware from the computer. Find all these programs on your computer and delete them. Some cut their files briefly, causing them to disappear, slowing down the computer.

I mean, this good software removes all the programs that cause damage to your computer. Now you wonder if the program is a virus, yes, the virus is also a program. They both made one. Examples: Avira, Avast, AVG Kaspersky. Now let us know how it works.

How Antivirus software works in computer

First of all, let us explain it in easy language. I would like to explain its work in simple language as everyone understands.

Antivirus programming, here and there known as hostile to malware programming, is intended to identify, forestall and make a move to incapacitate or expel vindictive programming from your PC, for example, infections, worms, and Trojan ponies. It can prevent or remove unwanted spyware and adware along with other types of malicious programs. The earliest versions of antivirus software date back to the 1980s.

Antivirus software will start by examining your computer programs and comparing them to known types of malware. It will scan your computer for behaviors that may indicate the presence of new and unknown malware. In general, antivirus software uses three scanning detection mechanisms:

Specific detection: works by detecting known malware using a specific set of features.

Generic detection: This process searches for malware known as “family” or variants of malware associated with a common code base.

Heuristic detection: This process scans for previously known viruses by detecting known suspicious behavior or file structure.

While the detection tools are extremely effective, no antivirus software fails. If you suspect that your device has been infected, you should take steps to resolve the issue quickly.

Whenever a file is infected with malware or if malware is detected during the scan, first of all, Antivirus checks whether it is the same with Virus definition. The virus contains some malware properties and similar programs. So it is also important that Antivirus companies always update Antivirus.

First of all, it scanning all the files inside the software computers. Whenever a file matches with Signature (Imprint) or Virus Files. At the same time repair or delete that file. By the way, the action that you take works only on that. When the computer Virus program gets inside the computer, it starts working in reverse with the computer files.

By this behavior, it is known that something wrong is inside the File Computer. Immediately it is possible to take ACTION on it. Now in a little technical way, we understand how Virus is detected on the computer.

Symptoms of an Infected by Virus on Computer

  • It runs slower than usual.
  • Show pop-up windows both online and offline.
  • There are programs that do not open, slow down, or close unexpectedly.
  • It contains browser (s) that do not display anything or any website.
  • Display the FBI or “Department of Justice” screen, appearing shortly after loading the computer’s operating system.
  • Report problems when trying to detect external hardware.
  • Show a blue screen with an error code.

After your device displays the above symptoms, it is very likely that it has been infected by a virus, worm or any other malware, and maybe someone trained to detect and remove it needs immediate attention.

Ways in which Antivirus detects malware

The most difficult thing is that the entire system has 500-1000 GB of data. And let’s see what methods are needed to remove the virus.

  1. Signature-based detection
  2. Heuristic-based detection
  3. Behavioral identification
  4. Litter box detection
  5. Data mining techniques

1. Signature-Based Detection

This is the oldest way to find out the COMPUTER Virus. In which all the.Exe files in the computer have to match with Virus Definition Files or to match with other malware types. Whenever an unknown file is identified, the action is taken on it.

This signature-based strategy analyzes all programs. If an application is downloaded in this technique, then the software is first scanned. Install is done after this. The advice for this is that every time you download software, scan ahead. Because once your system becomes infected, removing it becomes a smooth task.

2. Heuristic-Based Detection

This detection technique is used together with Signature-based detection. The heuristic technique is used in all the antivirus of today. With the help of this technology, even the virus definition file can be easily discovered and new and old Viruses can also be discovered.

In Heuristic, it runs a suspicious parent code or application in the virtual environment and it seems that the program is trying to give effect to this application.

3. Behavioral-based detection

This is also a special Detection way to find viruses. Which is also called Intrusion Detection Mechanism. Its specialty is that it detects the behavior of malware (Behavior). It detects malware only when it tries to corrupt other files or reduce any reverse. But this is not a mechanism in the second detection.

4. Sandbox Detection

It works almost only on a behavioral-based detection mechanism. In this mechanism, a program is run in a virtual environment. Now in this process, the Behavior of the program is identified. If the anti-virus finds out that this program is Malicious, then the action is taken on it.

5. Data Mining Techniques

This is the latest Technology. In which there are some special programs. It is ascertained whether the program is malicious with a data mining technique.

Why is it necessary to update Antivirus

Some people are also saying that the new Virus is being created every day. The company that makes anti Virus also makes Viruses. But that’s why it is very important to update every day to avoid the attack of the new virus. The latest definition files will also be stored with the update and it will be easy to identify and block the new virus.

Features Of Antivirus

  1. Background Scanning
  2. Full System Scans

1. Background Scanning

It scans all your files even when you are doing some working, applications and online on the system. This is called background scanning. It provides real-time protection and protection to your computer. No malware can be attacked on your system.

2. Full System Scans

However, the need for a complete analysis is not so high. If this is the first time installing a new antivirus on your system, you should do a full scan once. This means that all the hidden computer malware on your system means that the computer will be removed. After that, the background scan happens automatically. And in the meantime, your laptop must be fully scanned.

Best Antivirus for 2020 and where to buy

I have not used all antivirus but here are some of my antivirus. Which you can use for 30 days or even more for free. You can buy all the names given here on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal.

Best Premium antivirus software 2020

  1. Kaspersky Total Security
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
  3. Norton 360 Deluxe
  4. Trend Micro Maximum Security
  5. McAfee Internet Security
  6. ESET Smart Security Premium

Best free antivirus software 2020

  1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  3. Avast Free Antivirus
  4. AVG AntiVirus Free
  5. Avira Free Antivirus
  6. Panda Free Antivirus

Benefits of Antivirus in Computer

  • So much malware attack is happening on the Internet in recent times. Therefore, you must use either of the free or the paid ones.
  • First, it protects all your data.
  • No one can steal your data from your computer to the Internet.
  • You can download any software without reason.
  • It performs its operation before a computer virus can harm your computer.
  • If the money paid is there, then all of your online transactions will be secure as well.
  • This will save you money because you will buy two antiviruses with the money that will cause the loss of malware.
  • Your system will never stop or slow down
  • System software and application software will work without problems.
  • Processing speeds up and system crashes never happen.
  • Hard drive corruption is also less likely.

My final opinion about “What is antivirus”

My opinion is that you keep checking on the online site and when the offer is there, buy some good software. Because at this time Malware attack is happening very much. So buy Multi-User Antivirus for FREE or pay money, which will be cheaper. I told you what is an antivirus Software and how antivirus works. Some free software information will also be found.

Hope this article must have been liked, how did you think, please comment below. If you want to ask any question now friend, then please write in the comment box below.