Realme 10W Wireless Charger at Rs 899 Coming Soon

Realme 10W Wireless Charger

The Realm 10W Wireless Charger is available for purchase in India with a quiet price and a rupee price of 899. The new development comes just weeks after Realme India CEO Madhav Seth hinted at the impending launch of its wireless charger in the country.

The 10W Wireless Charger is based on the universally accepted Kiwi charging standard and is designed to charge phones and portable devices, including Realme Buds Air. In addition to the new launch, Seth has taken to Twitter to announce the arrival of ultra-slim Superdart charger models in the country at 65W and 50W Realme.

Realme 10W Wireless Charger Specification

According to the listing on the Realme India site, the 10W wireless charger is available in gray. It has a soft coat of paint that helps protect against accidental slipping. The charger also has foreign object detection and is 9mm thick.

The Realme 10W wireless charger comes with a USB Type-C port that allows 10W and 18W input. However, it is capable of delivering 10W of power when connected to a Quick Charge 2.0 or Quick Charge 3.0 charging adapter. It can provide up to 7.5W output to charge an iPhone model.

Realme C11 With 5000mAh Battery

In addition to smartphones, the 10W wireless charger is also capable of charging low-power devices in real-time, including Buds Air. The device is included with a 50 cm charger cable.

The RealMe 10W wireless charger is currently limited to the company’s site, although it will soon be available through other online and offline channels in the country. Realme India CEO Madhav Seth confirmed the launch of his wireless charger in his Q&A series in June.

Seth revealed on Saturday that Realme is about to launch its 65W and 50W ultra-slim Superdart charger models in the country. The executive released a photo showing the pocket design of the new offerings. The exact details on charger availability and pricing have yet to be revealed, however.

Realme has super dart technology to offer a fast charging experience. RealMe X50 Pro supports 5G 65W SuperDart, while RealMe X2 Pro phones come with 50W SuperDart. Last month, the company also unveiled its 125W UltraDart fast-charge technology that aims to fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in 20 minutes. It still appears on Realme phones.

Earlier this month, the company released its 125W Ultradart Charge that claims this device will charge up to 33% in just 3 minutes.


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