Off-Page SEO Techniques to Rank on First Page (2020)

Today we are going to talk only about Off-Page SEO Techniques which can improve the ranking of websites in Search Engines. We will know what are Off-Page SEO Techniques and what are the ways to do Off-Page SEO.

What is Off-Page Seo Techniques?

“Off-Page Seo”, as the name itself suggests, should be done outside the page in Search Engine Optimization. Off-Page Seo techniques like On-Page SEO also refer to such techniques. Which is used to improve the position and ranking of a website or blog on the results page of the search engine.

Many people consider “link building” only as Off Page Seo techniques, but it is not so. In general, advertising and promoting the website for good ranking in the search engine results page comes under Off Page Seo techniques. Image Protection in WordPress

Off-Page Seo Techniques vs On-Page Seo

On-Page SEO  refers to the things we use for better ranking in search engines by focusing on keywords, meta tags, permalinks, post titles, etc. on the page. But Off Page Seo techniques refer to all the things that we do to improve the position and ranking of the website in search engine result page (SERP) by social networking, link building, social bookmarking, article submission, etc.

Therefore, you must pay as much attention to On-Page SEO and also to Off-Page SEO.

Top Off-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress/Blog

SEO is a big contributor to the success of any website or blog because without a successful SEO we will not be able to make our blog or website to rank on google first page. So that’s why all websites and blogs want to be on the front page of Google Search Result, but it is not possible without proper Search Engine Optimization.

Here I am going to share some Best Off-Page SEO Techniques, which you can use to increase your search ranking.

1. Social Media’s contribution to Off-Page SEO Techniques

A major off-page SEO technique to increase engagement for your site is social media. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, social media presence will also help you grow your blog or website and get more and more backlinks.

The meaning of social networking is that we all know how much their importance has increased today. We instantly know about any event or news through social media.

You need to create an account on the most popular social networking sites like  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Google +, etc. After creating an account, you should actively promote and share your blog on these social networking sites.

Some of the most popular Social Media Sites:

Right now it is very easy to promote anything through social media. For example, on Facebook, we can easily share any photos with your friends or anyone else. Similarly, we can easily share our website or any of our businesses with others across these social media sites, and make it very popular.

Thus, keep active in all these popular social media and promote your website and business. This will increase the traffic of your site and also get a backlink, which will help improve the ranking in the search engine of your website

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

When you bookmark a page on your blog or website on a popular social bookmarking website, you will also find a backlink to higher traffic to that specific page.

Some of the most popular Social Bookmarking Sites:

3. Submission to Search Engine for Off-Page Seo Techniques

Under Off Page Seo techniques it is very important to submit your link, content, and page in search engine. This improves the website’s Google search result page. Search engines often search for our website, but it may take some time. Therefore, to speed up this process, you can submit your site to search engines like  Google,  Bing, etc.

The advantage of submitting directly to the Search Engine is that if anyone searches anything related to your content in the search engine. So these all come quickly on the search results page. In spite of all this, the quality of the content also requires attention. Because Google focuses more on the best content and more on the quality of the content. And you too must have seen that while searching in Google, good content comes on the first page of Google.

4. Blog Directory Submission for Off-Page Seo Techniques

Blog Directory Submissions have always been a great way to build quality backlinks but choose an effective category. Results will take some time to come, but the results that you will get from this method will be useful for you and your website for a long time.

Some of the most popular Blog Directory Submission Sites:

The directory submission gets a backlink, which is good for our blog. These backlinks help drive more traffic and rankings. It also connects new visitors to our blog. When submitting a directory, select the correct directory and category, then submit only. So, as Off-Page Seo techniques, blog directory submission works just like social bookmarking.

5. Blogging

Blogging also comes under Off Page Seo techniques. Where you can improve blog ranking a lot by writing good content for your blog. Due to frequent content updates and posts, it helps search engines crawl your site more often. Because the Search Engine has to be updated with your latest post. This improves your site’s ranking on the search engine’s results page.

6. Article Submission

When writing an article for your blog, submit it to a popular article submission site. This is also a great way to promote your articles and blogs. Your content must be unique before submitting to all of these sites.

You can also provide links to their websites. One thing to keep in mind is that the content should be unique and high quality. Keyword stuffing that includes poor quality content and content is rejected. Always keep the right category and give a great title.

Some of the most popular Article Submission Sites:

7. Forum posting

As an Off-Page SEO technique whenever we answer people’s questions on any search forum related to our blog online. If they respond to anything and give suggestions and opinions, this is called forum posting.

Here we also provide a link to our blog or website, as a “follow forum”. Which helps the search engine to crawl our site. This brings clicks to our site and improves the ranking.

8. Blog Commenting

You can post your comment by visiting another blog similar to yours. The advantage of this is that in the comment section, there is also a place to add a link to the website. You can post your blog link there. And through this link, the visitors of that blog also come to your blog, which increases the traffic of the site.

The link to the website of your comment section is also crawled by the Search Engine. Which helps point your site.

9. Question and Answer Sites

One of the best ways you can get high traffic to your website is by joining websites with questions and answers. You can join popular question-answer websites and answer related questions about your business. You can provide a link to their website in your answers so that you get both backlinks and traffic.

10. Blog Commenting for Off-Page Seo Techniques

You can post your comments by going to another blog similar to yours. The advantage of this is that in the comments section there is also a place to add a link to the website. There you can post a link to your blog. And through this link, the visitors to that blog also come to your blog, which increases the site traffic.

The link to your comment section’s website is also crawled by the Search Engine. Which helps point to your site. Therefore, on the Popular Blog or the question-and-answer site, you can post your comment with a link to the blog.

11. Exchange of links for Off-Page Seo Techniques

Off-Page Seo techniques As link exchange is a popular method promoting and advertising your website and blog, where we share the link of our blog with other similar blogs. If you write unique and great content for your site, many people will want to link it to your blog.

If you copy the content of someone else’s blog into your blog as a copy or link. So below the instructions of the blog also put down that content is taken from this blog. Also, get permission from the owner of the blog you submit. You can also put the content of your blog as a link to similar content.

12. Documents Sharing for Off-Page Seo Techniques

We can also promote and advertise our site or blog through document sharing. Create content or article related to your site and convert it to a PDF as a document-oriented document sharing site such as,

Share it at the beginning. This will promote the blog for free and increase the traffic.

13. Guest posting for Off-Page Seo Techniques

Suppose a popular site or blog needs a lot of posts and articles and its owner wants another writer to write and post articles for his blog. So for this, you can be appointed as a guest writer.

For this, it is necessary that the website or blog for which you write as a guest writer. It should be a unique and popular site. At the same time, his ranking should also be good.

Guest posting as off Page Seo techniques gives backlink. People are familiar with you and your website or blog which helps improve the ranking for any blog and get more people to the blog.

14. Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing sites are also very important for Off Page Seo techniques. The unique photo that we use in our articles and posts, it can be used on the main photo-sharing sites like,

While sharing photos on these sites, you should also add the URL link of your blog or website. Also, use title tag, photo description, alt text.

When someone downloads or shares your photo, the URL link of your blog will also be visible. Therefore, there will be more chances of clicking on this link, which will help in both ranking and advertising of the site.

15. Video Submission

Just like photo sharing, if you have created a video for your blog, then it can be submitted on the site.

This video sharing will also help in the promotion and advertisement of your blog and website. Therefore, the medium of video can also make the blog popular.

16. Infographic submissions for Off-Page Seo Techniques

You can also share the infographics on infographic sharing sites and get backlinks from those websites.

17. Local Classified Sites for Off-Page Seo Techniques

There are many local classifieds sites, on which we can advertise our blog or website for free. like,

In this way, we can promote on these sites for free and gain the popularity of new customers and blogs.

18. Article and Post Review for Off-Page Seo Techniques

You can leave your review there by reading the article on another popular blog. Within that review, also add the URL link of your blog, which people will follow and come to your website

If you go to different sites and blogs, you write reviews about a particular article or post. So it also increases the popularity of your website or blog and promotes the blog. So writing reviews on another blog under Off Page Seo techniques is a good way to get traffic and promotion of your blog.

Ask any question related to Off-Page SEO Techniques and also share with us the methods that you use for off-page SEO techniques of your website or blog.

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