Full Form of SMPS and What is SMPS in Computer? How it works

What is SMPS in Computer? Full Form of SMPS

What is SMPS: Do you know what is SMPS in the computer and the full form of SMPS? Everyone uses a computer in today’s world, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, but there are different parts inside it, so those parts must be electric, but this power is much less than what we use in our house, like Talk about TV, FRIDGE, IRON, OVEN Vagera, they all use Direct 220V-240V, but if this voltage is given to the parts of the computer, then everything will burn, so how much power will the computer need, I will tell you today Key Computer And Voltage How are control and cones, so let us know of the full form of SMPS, what is SMPS and how it works. What is Computer Definition?

Full Form of SMPS

The full form of SMPS is Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

What is SMPS in Computer?

Full Form of SMPS
Full Form of SMPS and What is SMPS in Computer

SMPS is a power supply that uses a switching controller to control and stabilize the output voltage by turning the load current on and off. These power supplies provide greater power conversion and reduce overall power consumption. What is Computer Full Form?

It is an electronic circuit that if you buy for desktop separately, you get some square size of the same SMPS, it gives power to different parts of the device computer such as RAM, motherboard, fan. However, motherboard consumes power from different power. Who invented the computer first?

Now we know a little bit about how it works, so when it first supplies the main power to the computer from the home board, then it is first in AC form (Alternative Current) and then when the SPS on the AC computer converts it to SMPS, it has a capacitor and Using DIODE, it changes the switch-mode sometimes with regular help, sometimes converting DC to AC and DC to AC is not, therefore, one may get the name of the switch mode power supply. What is ROM and How It Works

How Does SMPS Work?

So, first of all, I come to the current computer from the cable, then first it goes through the small device inside the SMPS, then firstly it goes to the AC filters where the NTC, fuse, line filter, PF capacitor are used in the AC, Neutral and Phase filtering process, the output is given to the rectifier and filter, which converts it. From AC to DC which was Rectifier and filter which was with the help of two capacitors Smooth converts to DC, the output of this process is Pure DC. There were many transistors in switching it, but here we use two NPN transistors that give an AC output using the switching cycle. Speaking of PRIMARY CIRCUIT, After this, it is given once more to Rectifier and Filter which again converts this AC Supply to it and once to Smooth DC (One thing to remember is that the current coming from the transformer at home is AC. And the current that comes in the battery is DC) The output that comes out after this action is in three forms, a 12VOLT, 5 VOLT, 3 VOLT.

But the primary circuit’s Rectifier and Filter connect with an Output Starter transformer and connect with Starter which is connected with an Amplifier IC and has three Output WIRE, Amplifier IC is one of the areas of the SMPS where it has full management functions. Amplifier IC has three Major Cable Nickel Tee One is green which is Power on cable, the other one comes in Violet color which gives stand by the current of +5 volt, and the third one is in Gray, which is called Power Bood cable Said much.

All three Output cables are given to MotherBoard. From the second switching circuit comes a sensing wire that tells the amplifier IC that the load is increasing, then at the same time DRIVER which increases the SWITCHING Transmitter on-offf process, and which gets voltage in a constant speed. Which are + 12volt, + 5volt and + 3volt and this process is called switching mode power supply. When the power of green cable is on, then the MotherBoard gets 12v, 5v, and 3v SMPS.

All about What is SMPS and Full form of SMPS

SMPS according to the type of input and output voltage. 

Here are four main categories

  • AC to DC
  • DC to DC
  • DC to AC
  • AC to AC

AC to DC SMPS consists

  • Input rectifier and filter
  • Inverter consisting of switching devices
  • Transformer
  • Output rectifier and filter
  • Feedback and control circuit

The input DC supply from a rectifier or battery is fed to the inverter where the switching is turned on and off by MOSFET or power transistors at high frequencies between 20 kHz and 200 kHz. High-frequency voltage pulses from the inverter are fed to the primary winding of the transformer, and the secondary AC output is modulated and smooth to produce the required DC voltage. 

Advantage of SMPS

  • High efficiency 68% to 90%
  • Regulated and reliable output regardless of input supply voltage variation
  • The smaller size and lighter
  • Flexible technology
  • High energy density

Disadvantage of SMPS

  • Produces electromagnetic interference
  • Complex circuit design
  • Linear is more expensive than supplies

What is Direct Current and Alternative Current

There are two types of current.

  1. Alternative Current (AC)
  2. Direct Current (DC)

The flow of charge in alternative current is in both directions, here it is in both directions from positive to negative and negative to positive, but if we talk about direct current, then it is only in one decay it is from negative to positive.

A good example of this is the DC current that runs out of batteries used on your TV and watch. To understand a bit better, the power in your home is an example of changing current and the battery on the remote is a direct current if we need DC on our computer, so the option of converting the device to the current degree is the same as your SMPS.

Types of SMPS (What is SMPS& Full form of SMPS)

  1. DC to DC Converter
  2. Forward Converter
  3. Flyback Converter
  4. Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter

1. DC to DC Converter

This is the type of an SMPS converter where all the current that your SMPS has before it is converted to DC, the current flowing through the DC converter first passes through the initial side of the step-down transformer. This step-down transformer is only one part of the SMPS which is 50 Hz, it is the voltage rectifier and the second part of the filter hock transformer is a high voltage, now it is out of the Output Voltage Power to go to different parts. The output of this is sent once more back to the Switch. To control the voltage. What is Core in Processor?

2. Forward Converter

This converter takes a lot of current through the exhaust, whether the transistor does its job or not. The load between the loads is increased, it occurs both on and off, but keeps the breathing power, during ON period and sends some power to the output load.

3. Flyback Converter

Here the magnetic field stores power indicators while the switch is on. Duty Cycle determines the output voltage. This is its job.

4. Self-Oscillating Flyback Converter

It is a basic converter. During transmission, the switching transistor increases from transfer to linearly according to a slope which is Vin / Lp.

Types of SMPS According to Usage

SMPS depends on size and usage. There are many types in SMPS such as ATx, Baby. But AT and ATx are mostly used. Latest Processors 2020 

Connectors of SMPS

1. 20 + 4 Pin ATX

It’s a motherboard connector, it charges a motherboard +12 volts. This connector uses it SMPS20 and ATX SMPS24 pins on the motherboard.

2. CPU4 + 4 Pin Connector

This Connector is required for CPU which uses 4 pin which is all of 12v and has a connector named SATA Power Connector.

3. SATA Power Connector

The computer consists of Hard Disk and DVD ROM, it gives Power Connector Power to them. This is a 4 pin connector. How does Computer Works?

How will SMPS be in the Future

Going forward, there will be more special SMPS that can convert the voltage to the best and can be done from the Asni.

  • Could provide more output
  • Can take more voltage and output less voltage
  • To increase the fame of Power
  • Switching mode could work faster

Conclusion About What is SMPS & Full form of SMPS

So friends today, you must have felt very good, I hope you have got this information for you and if you do hardware repair, then you have more benefit, you have already become capable of knowing what is SMPS and Full form of SMPS.

If this post about what is SMPS and how it works (Full form of SMPS) was helpful, please share it.


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