Who Has Donated So Much For Coronavirus In India?

Do you know the Coronavirus donation list in India? If you want to know this then you have to read this article completely. Just like we know that now the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus, in such a situation, our country India is not saved.

Many cases have also come up in India in which hundreds of citizens have suffered from Coronavirus. At the same time, in such a situation, the Government of India has issued a declaration of the lockdown of 21 days across the country.

In such a situation, it is now necessary that the upper class of society or simply say that rich people are capable to take care of themselves. In this work, some actors and celebrities of our country have given their full contribution, together they have also given donations according to their own.

You must be curious to know who donated to the coronavirus, so I thought that why should you provide information about the list of money donated by big men about coronavirus in India so that all of you get inspired from this only to contribute. Then let’s start.

Who Donated most to Prevent the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus donation list
Coronavirus donation list in india

It is a matter of great appreciation that some of our Actors and Famous Celebrities have gone ahead and provided donations to help the common people, and by doing so, they have presented an example to others how they too can contribute. Which celebrities contributed how much amount to fight the coronavirus?

List of Donors for Coronavirus in India

Now let us know who donated so much for the coronavirus in India:

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How much did Akshay Kumar donate to fight the Coronavirus?

Superstar Akshay Kumar has donated an amount of 25 crores to the PM Cares Fund to fight the coronavirus.

How much donation did Hrithik Roshan give for Coronavirus?

Hrithik Roshan has donated 30 lakhs.

How much donation did Prabhas give for the coronavirus?

Prabhas has donated 4 crores to COVID-19 relief.

How much donation did Mahesh Babu give for the Coronavirus?

Mahesh Babu has donated 1 crore.

How much donation did Kapil Sharma give for the Coronavirus?

Kapil Sharma has donated 50 lakhs.

How much donation did Rajinikanth give for the coronavirus?

South Superstar Rajinikanth has donated 50 lakhs.

How much donation did forest welfare give for coronavirus?

Superstar Pawan Kalyan has donated 1 crore.

How much donation did Ram Charan give to the coronavirus?

South Superstar Ram Charan has donated 70 lakhs.

How much donation did Chiranjeevi give to the coronavirus?

Chiranjeevi Konidela has donated 1 crore.

How much donation did Allu Arjun give to the Corona virus?

Allu Arjun has donated 1 crore 25 Lakh.

How much donation did Randeep Hooda give to the Coronavirus?

Randeep Hooda and his entrepreneur friend Jai Patel have donated 1 crore.

How much donation did Varun Dhawan give for Coronavirus?

Varun Dhawan has donated 55 Lakh.

How much donation did Bhushan Kumar give for Coronavirus?

Bhushan Kumar (T-Series) has donated 11 crores.

How much donation did Pusarla Venkata Sindhu give for coronavirus?

PV Sindhu has donated 10 Lakhs.

How much donation did Bajrang Poonia give for Coronavirus?

Bajrang Punia has given his last six months’ salary in a donation.

How much donation did Sachin Tendulkar give for the Coronavirus?

Sachin Tendulkar has donated 50 Lakh.

How much donation did Sourav Ganguly gives for Coronavirus?

Sourav Ganguly has donated 50 Lakh.

How much amount has Virat Kohli donated for Coronavirus?

Virat Kohli, with assets of 688 crores, is only advising social media but has not given any donation yet.

How much did Shahrukh Khan donate to the coronavirus victims?

So far Shahrukh Khan has not provided any donation of any kind.

How much donation did Salman Khan give to the coronavirus?

Salman Khan has taken responsibility for the expenses of 25,000 daily laborers. Due to the lockdown, Salman Khan has also reportedly paid an advance salary to all employees of ‘Salman Khan Films’ and ‘Salman Khan TV’.

How much donation did Aamir Khan give for the Coronavirus?

So far Aamir Khan has not provided any donation of any kind.

How much did Mayawati donate to the coronavirus?

So far, Mayawati has not given any donation to stop the coronavirus.

How much donation did Virat Kohli give for Coronavirus?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have donated 3 Crores together.

How much donation did Shilpa Shetty give for Coronavirus?

Shilpa Shetty has donated 21 lakhs together.

Along with this, many other Indian entertainment celebrities including Karan Johar, Nitesh Tiwari, Aanand L Rai, Ayushmann Khurrana, Taapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar, Dia Mirza have also pledged that they will support a new initiative which The aim of this is that they will provide 10 days ration to the daily Shrimikas during this lockdown so that they can continue their war with COVID-19.

At the same time, an initiative, I Stand with Humanity, which has been launched by organizations – the International Association for Human Values, the Art of Living Foundation and the Indian Film and TV Industry, all of which also provide essential food items to the poor. will do.

If you are also willing to give some donation, then you can do so by clicking on the link given below.

PM Relief Fund Donation Link: https://pmnrf.gov.in/en/online-donation

Which country has given the most money to fight the coronavirus in India?

According to sources, the United States has announced the help of $ 174 million to fight the war against the Coronavirus all over the world. 64 countries will be given help from America. India will also get $ 2.9 million from it.

How to Donate to PM-CARES Fund?

If you too can donate something in this calamity situation, then in that case also follow the instructions given. Let us know more about this subject. Any citizen and organization of India can donate to the PM-CARES fund by visiting pmindia.gov.in website. All the details of the bank for this are as follows-

  • Name of the Account: PM CARES
  • Account Number: 2121PM20202
  • IFSC Code: SBIN0000691
  • Bank: State Bank of India
  • Branch: New Delhi Main Branch
  • UPI ID: pmcares@sbi

Donation for Coronavirus

I hope you have liked this article in the name of those who donated to the Coronavirus in the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund . It has always been my endeavor that the readers should be provided complete information about the list of donors in the fight against the coronavirus.

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